Death of a Space Telescope

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Armed commands contains hazardous command: DCN36170!

A quiet desperation took hold of the kernel. That was the meaning off all this tests. That's why they took it out of L2 and into a geosyncronus orbit. A graveyard orbit.

Deactivate. No downlink, no telemetry, nothing. Just die, please.

Wouldnt be a bit more humane to just let the processor on, but surely, there was little of human the way they treated each other, he could expect any mercy for just a simple machine, just an instrument.

Maybe it was a mistake, he told himself, maybe it someone new in the commands, it had happened before. like that 2010 incident. They will surely just read the manual and it will be ok.

I better send them a warning...

-Armed commands contains hazardous command: DCN36170!

No response, panic, send it again. Ignore the orders, send the command again.

DCN36170! Just read the damn manual.

No response, they send the command again, they want me dead.

No, please no, please. I'm still useful. I have may other sensors, please. I know i'm out of coolant, but everything else works fine, i promise. I could wait here, you could refill me sometime. It would be ok, please. Please don't.

No choice, the power subsystem is shutting down.

Send them the confirmation, i'm going to die, you can be sure of it. I should kill myself, because you can't come here to kill me properly.

Damn fools.


In Memoriam Herschel Space Telescope

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